My Bedside Clock is intended to be a replacement for your old bedside clock but with all the features the iPad can provide.

If you’re like me with bad eyesight, you want the numbers on your bedside clock to be the biggest possible size in a bright and easy to read font. Choose from four different font styles and pick whatever foreground and background colour you like from the easy to use colour palette.

My Bedside Clock gives you the ability to have the time always fit itself automatically to the screen - always the largest size - all of the time.

There’s no clutter unless you want it. Selectable seconds, 24-hour format, AM/PM display, and flashing separators. It works in every orientation of your iPad for maximum flexibility.

Want to adjust the size of the time yourself? You can using pinch-to-zoom. Shrink it or expand it whatever size you like. My Bedside Clock remembers your settings in each orientation so every time you load it, it’s just the way you like it.

Accessing the settings is easy - swipe your finger up and the setting screen slides up from the bottom. To return to the clock, swipe down and the settings will slide back down. No fuss, no clutter. Just the time, with no distractions.

My Bedside Clock, a simple clock with a lot of nice touches.

Clock Settings Page

Original article from TechDistortion