My name is John Chidgey. I’m an electrical engineer, specialising in industrial automation and control systems, user interface design and alarm management. I started programming when I was about 10 years old and created my first Application in Borland C, to Control my Amateur Radio by my computer in the early 90s. I’ve also written apps for the Palm Pilot, Windows (.NET/Visual C), iPad and iPhone (Objective C) and now for the Apple Watch (Swift).

I find the Apple Watch form factor to be especially challenging, with many developers ignoring it primarily for several reasons:

As a result it’s considered too difficult or too expensive with minimal returns to be made to develop Apple Watch apps. In some cases developers create a Watch app simply to round-out a feature set.

For me it’s different - it’s a challenge. I also reached the point, having owned practically every model of the Apple Watch (Series 0 Sport, Series 1 Sport, Series 2 Stainless Steel, Series 3 Stainless LTE, Series 3 Sport LTE, Series 5 Stainless LTE) I reached a point where I ran out of patience with other developers not closing, what I considered to be, large and obvious gaps in the Watch experience.

I’ve decided to call this project (for the want of a better word) “Slip Apps” which can stand for any of the following you might like:

Each app solves a specific problem or fills a gap that I believe exists with the Apple Watch operating system, default apps or popular readily available apps. Hence for the next little while I intend to write apps exclusively for the Apple Watch to close these gaps. I hope you find my apps useful and I appreciate your support.